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Graciela holds a BA in International Business and a Minor in Art. After working in her field for a few years, she decided to work in cosmetic retail, where she developed a strong desire to work more closely with the enrichment of her clients appearances and decided to pursue permanent cosmetics.

Graciela received her professional permanent make-up training in California, New York, Texas, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She now has over20 years experience in the art of cosmetic dermal pigmentation and over 20,000 satisfied customers. Graciela holds advanced certifications. She is Certified by the American Association of Micropigmentation. She is also a Board Licensed Aesthetician and Electrologist, a professional Makeup Artist and a member of several organizations.

Permanent Creations

Graciela formed Permanent Creations in 1992 to create a company where her clients would be able to obtain the natural beauty look. Since then she has formed a large following. Her work speaks for itself with testimonials from her clients. Her background includes extensive experience with all types of skin undertones.

She offers her clients a high level of professional skill, blended with keen aesthetic quality. She always insists on the highest standards of safety, including the use of specialized equipment, disposable instruments adhered to by physicians, as well as focusing personal attention on each client’s unique features and special needs.

All procedures are performed using the highest quality color pigments available. These colors are custom blended for each client to achieve each individual’s desired result. Although pain tolerance varies from person to person, the use of topical anesthetics helps to reduce any discomfort. Graciela believes in using the # 1 topical European anesthetics vs. injecting the clients She is able to perform procedures using the highest standards of sterility and precise technique.

Graciela is a talented Make-up artist who specializes in recreating and enhancing the client’s personal beauty. Her background includes extensive experience with all types of skin undertones throughout the thousands of permanent makeup procedures performed. She works with you to create a template prior to the application of permanent color. This process is never rushed. Understanding the use and application of colors is her forte.

State of the art medical equipment is employed in all procedures.

Permanent cosmetic make up

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